Welcome to my website. This entire website is a work-in-progress. I will keep adding content and list the updates below. Also, please visit my blog by clicking here. (Note: I am working on transferring my blog to another platform).


I may add other interests in the future besides history and genealogy.




02/19/2016, 11:01 p.m. - I plan on putting up some old pages I had on my old website from years ago as an archive.




02/19/2016 Added First 10 Generations page in Project Longshanks

02/18/2016 Added Westrom and Kolstee pages to the genealogy section

02/05/2016 Project Longshanks (a previous project I had at it's own website) added to genealogy section.

02/05/2016 Lundgren and Parkison pages added to genealogy section.

02/03/2016 Gansert, Widegren, Smurthwaite, England, and LaBarbera pages added to genealogy section.

02/03/2016 Redesigned website a little bit and added some genealogies.

02/16/2015 NEW PAGE: Contact

02/16/2015 NEW PAGE: Other Sites

02/16/2015 Added some color to the website (banner, background)

01/01/2015 NEW PAGE: Genealogies of famous people

01/01/2015 I am going to transfer some genealogy pages from my Rootsweb freepages account to here.


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