Welcome to my genealogy page. Here I will list information on the lines I am researching. I will only add the simplest outlines and omit all living people for privacy concerns. If you see any of your relatives on any of these pages, I would love to connect with cousins. I will not post any further details than what I have on here. Also, if you see any mistakes on any of my pages, please contact me. THis is my test.



  • te Kolstee - Johan and Jenneken ten Kolstede of Winterswijk
  • Hesselink/Heslink - Theunis te Kolstee of Winterswijk
  • Nijenhuis - of Winterswijk
  • Meerdink - of Winterswijk
  • Klomps - Gerrit Jan Klomps of Winterswijk
  • Trump - Georg Andreas Trump of Bavaria
  • Blumenschein - Johannes Blumenschein of Hesse
  • Ganserrt/Ganzert - of Reichenbach
  • Harrington - Stephen Harrington (1806-1892) and Sarah Ann Brown (1804-1869)
  • Brown - Charles Brown
  • Wheeler - John Wheeler (1806-1860) and Julia Ann Love (1814-1887)
  • Pickard - Bartholomew Pickard and Eva Stom
  • Widegren - Swedes
  • Lundgren - Swedes
  • Weström - Swedes
  • Smurthwaite - Thomas Smurthwaite of Durham
  • Parkison - Ralph Parkison of Auckland, Durham
  • Perkin/Parkin - of England
  • Evans - John Evans and Ann Birney
  • Cary - John Cary and Elizabeth Godfrey
  • Edson - Deacon Samuel Edson
  • Byram - Nicholas Byram
  • Brown - Robert Brown and Sarah England
  • Moore - Andrew Moore of Chester County, PA
  • England - Nun and Margaret England
  • LaBarbera - Nicolo LaBarbera (1845-1928) and Maria LoPorto (1854-1926)




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In the middle of 2013, I had the idea to trace the descendants of King Edward I of England, known as Longshanks. I plan on putting all his descendants into one big GEDCOM, a huge database that I and hopefully others can contribute to. I thought about tracing the descendants of Charlemagne, but I figured I might as well start out smaller. Ultimately, I settled on tracing the descendants of King Edward I of England, known as Longshanks, hence the name of the project. Considering the fact that he was born in 1239, he thus has a lot of descendants.


I began this website on Sunday, January 5, 2014. For now, I am keeping the format pretty simple, but I will probably make some design changes in the future. For now, I want to focus on the genealogy and provide information to anyone interested. I will probably add cool relationship charts as time goes on. I am especially interested in the relationships just a couple centuries later, during the Wars of the Roses.




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