In the middle of 2013, I had the idea to trace the descendants of King Edward I of England, known as Longshanks. I plan on putting all his descendants into one big GEDCOM, a huge database that I and hopefully others can contribute to. I thought about tracing the descendants of Charlemagne, but I figured I might as well start out smaller. Ultimately, I settled on tracing the descendants of King Edward I of England, known as Longshanks, hence the name of the project. Considering the fact that he was born in 1239, he thus has a lot of descendants.


I began this website on Sunday, January 5, 2014. For now, I am keeping the format pretty simple, but I will probably make some design changes in the future. For now, I want to focus on the genealogy and provide information to anyone interested. I will probably add cool relationship charts as time goes on. I am especially interested in the relationships just a couple centuries later, during the Wars of the Roses.




For a biography of King Edward I of England, please refer to Wikipedia's article. I may add one here in the future.




I am still working on the best format to do this. Right now I am going to make each page 10 generations long and take an exported HTML page from my Family Tree Maker. Mi might use PDFs later. The information can get very lengthy, so I might even provide simple outlines in addition, such that will show name, title, and lifespan. In the future, I will link them to their biographies. Other Stuff on Here


I probably won't hesitate to add information on other royals besides the descendants of Edward Longshanks. There are a lot of other interesting stuff. I will proably start a blog in the future to document and tell stories of any interesting things I find.




I have set up a form for people to contact me. I would love it if others will join me on this rather ambitious project. Click Here.




The outline will follow a format of 10 generations per page, otherwise the outlines will look squished on smaller screens. I may change this in the future, especially for smaller screens. Each page will be a group of descendants off from the first 10 generations and so on.


Descendants of Edward I, King of England (updated 4/16/2014)

     Descendants of Jeanne Montbelliard (updated 4/16/2014) - includes kings of France, England, Scotland and Electors Palatine, among others.

     NEW! Yolande Valois (added 4/16/2014) - married to Amadeus (IX) Savoy Duke of Savoy

     NEW! Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor (added 4/16/2014) - a few generations to start out with.




Here are some websites that have royal genealogy related stuff.


•  FAB Pedigree (many royal genealogies, although many are unsourced)

•  Medieval Lands (incredible amount of information with sources)

•  The Peerage (an excellent website on royal genealogies, provided with sources)

•  WARGS (several genealogies on famous people, including royals)


Disclaimer: Websites such as the World Connect databases, among others, have a lot of information, and many are conflicting. I will try to get the most correct information on each line. If you see any mistakes, please don't hesitate to contact me.


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